Strengthen Your Body and Mind With Advanced Yoga Studio

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Would you like to look and feel amazing every day? You don't need marketing gimmicks or fad diets - just the pure, invigorating energy that yoga brings you. At Advanced Yoga Studio, our yoga instructor can help you feel better than ever. Our hatha yoga classes combine physical movements with breathing techniques to help you sync your mind and body. Sign up for a class today to learn why our students love coming to class every week at Advanced Yoga Studio in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

We offer a variety of yoga classes four days per week. Try out one – or all! – of the weekly classes we offer at our yoga studio in Cedar Rapids, IA. Below is a list of our weekly classes, plus a few additional themed classes we offer:

Motivate Me Monday – get moving early in the week to make it a great one.
Beginner Yoga Tuesday – if you’re just starting out, our beginner classes can help you build your practice.
Restorative Yoga Thursday – hold stretches for longer than usual to improve your flexibility and strength.
Freedom Friday – we offer unstructured yoga classes every Friday at our studio in Cedar Rapids, IA.

We also run monthly yoga workshops with certified instructors and massage therapists in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Bring the whole family to learn new ways to get your body moving.

About Advanced Yoga Studio

Our owner has practiced yoga since 2000. In 2010, she became a certified instructor though Yoga Alliance. At Advanced Yoga Studio, we focus on alignment, balance and breathing for a practice that connects your body and mind. We also offer ion cleanses to help rid your body of toxins.

Are you interested in learning more about how you can increase your health and wellness? Whether you are just starting out and prefer one-on-one personal yoga instruction or prefer a group class setting, there is something for everyone. Call Advanced Yoga Studio at 319-431-0702 to speak with a qualified yoga instructor in Cedar Rapids, IA.